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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bachelor Recipes

When you're a single guy and just want to eat because you're hungry, consider some of the following quick and easy recipes. We're not trying to impress anyone, and cooking is not always fun, so there is no shame in preparing things that just taste good and require little or no preparation or cleanup. These also happen to be vegetarian recipes since I'm a vegetarian.

Jam Sandwich

(as seen in the movie "Bachelor Party")

Take two pieces of bread and jam them together.

Also known as a Wish Sandwich.

Bread Sandwich

(Similar to a Jam Sandwich)

Take two pieces of bread and place a third piece of bread between them. To make it look like a sandwich and not just 3 pieces of bread, use a different kind of bread, or an end piece (see photo) as the sandwich filler.

Double or Triple Decker Grilled Cheese

Sometimes a grilled cheese sandwich is just not enough. A Double Decker goes: Bread, cheese, bread, cheese, bread. If pan space is at a premium, prepare the middle slice of bread in the toaster.

The triple decker will be even more filling. It is 4 pieces of bread, three slices of cheese. If you can, arrange the 4 slices of bread in the pan, then assemble into a stack after heating everything for approximately 7 minutes. Otherwise, the middle 2 slices may be cooked in the toaster instead of the pan. (Add butter if necessary)

Grilled Cheese tip: When buttering the pan, melt the butter in rectangular areas, the same size and shape as the slices of sandwich bread that you will place on them.

Anything Sandwich

Take two pieces of bread and put any food or ingredient between them. I would stop short of recreating the Captain Crunch and Pixie Stick sandwich from Breakfast Club, but she had the right idea.

  • Pringles Sandwich
  • Syrup Sandwich
  • Scrambled Egg Sandwich
  • Applesauce Sandwich
  • Toaster hash brown Sandwich
  • Shredded Cheese Sandwich
  • PB&J Sandwich (of course)
  • Graham Cracker Sandwich
To help with ideas, think of food you would otherwise need a spoon or fork to eat. Putting it between bread (or inside flour tortillas) gives it a handle. Really hungry? Go for a double or triple decker as described above.

Bowl of Cereal
Enough said.

Pictured with Trix color changing spoon and the straw-bowl.